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Technical Service Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) and Workshop

Africa USAID/Ethiopia 2002 2002

The USAID Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) for Ethiopia focuses on several critical sectors for the country’s sustainable development: agriculture and natural resource management; household food security; market integration and micro-enterprise development; health and nutrition; basic education; democracy and governance; disaster mitigation; and improving the livelihood of pastoralists.DevTech contributed to an interdisciplinary team that helped the USAID Mission to Ethiopia develop performance measures for the ISP and prepare Performance Monitoring Plans (PMP) for tracking results. Included in the technical assistance were assistance to the staffs of each Mission’s strategic objective teams in identifying PMP performance indicators, assessing data quality, setting targets, and establishing a system for data analysis review and use. The firm also participated in providing technical assistance on results framework development and in conducting a PMP training workshop for the Mission and implementing partner staffs.