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The Role of Municipalities in the Reconstruction of Honduras

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 1999 1999

DevTech provided the services of a fiscal adviser to assist in a technical study that examined both the short and long-term impact of Hurricane Mitch on the finances of municipalities in Honduras. The fiscal adviser was responsible for developing those parts of the overall assessment that were specifically and generally related to the intergovernmental fiscal relations between central and local government. Specific duties included:>Reviewing the overall state of the budget of the Honduran central government;>Reviewing the transfers and other intergovernmental fiscal relations between central and local government;>Participating in the review of municipal government finances;>Participating in the projections of municipal government financing needs;>Leading the assessment of the central government’s future abilities to assist the municipalities in meeting the financial needs;>Suggesting means for alleviating financing gaps; and>Participating in making suggestions with regard to donor flows to and through central and local governments.

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