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U.S.-Montenegro Partnership for Municipal Development

Europe and Eurasia USAID 2001 2001

DevTech advised the Government of Montenegro on reform of legislation on the powers and functions of local governments and the development of a more efficient, equitable system of intergovernmental finance in Montenegro. This included reviewing and analyzing existing laws governing municipal and intergovernmental finance systems, including the laws on Self-Government, Public Expenditures, and Public Revenues, advising on draft legislation, and ensuring that the new legislation addressed the interests and needs of municipal governments. The advisory service focused on conducting an analysis of social equity and fiscal efficiency impacts of existing revenue and expenditure assignment systems, tax sharing, and grant policies, and developing recommendations for improvements based on their effects on local governments. In addition, DevTech completed an analysis of the property tax and assisted in the development of a new property tax law and system. DevTech’s work included analysis, advice, and public information for reforms.