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USAID/Guatemala Monitoring and Evaluation Program

Latin America and the Caribbean USAID 2013 2018

In January 2013, DevTech was awarded a $14.7 million 5-year contract to provide set up and manage USAID/Guatemala’s Monitoring and Evaluation Program. This contract will provide activity-level monitoring and evaluation services designed to provide qualitative and/or quantitative analyses and reviews of specific Mission activities and programs. DevTech is the prime holder of a mission-wide Monitoring and Evaluation support contract for USAID that provides ongoing technical assistance and monitoring and evaluation support to the USAID Economic Growth Office (EGO). The program contributes to shaping longer-term strategic direction and decision making, particularly regarding the implementation of the Feed the Future and Global Climate Change initiatives. The program’s ultimate goal is to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) mechanism that provides continued performance monitoring, verification and impact evaluation of program results, including environmental compliance. DevTech has provided USAID with the M&E services that increased the U.S. Government’s effectiveness in implementing its new strategy, while strengthening and institutionalizing local capacity in M&E. The program components consisted of: (1) designing statistical tools for baseline, mid- and final-term data collection; (2) developing local capacity of Guatemalan institutions for M&E; (3) establishing a clearinghouse for M&E; (4) conducting evaluations and ensuring the reporting of the results; and (5) providing M&E services to other USAID/Guatemala offices.