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Swift Expertise and Grounded Analytics (SEGA)

Africa, Asia, and Europe/Eurasia USAID 2021 2026

The Swift Expertise and Grounded Analytics (SEGA) Task Order provides USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) Center, USAID regional bureaus, and USAID field missions with a mechanism to rapidly assess needs and opportunities in the context of a democratic transition, and to implement short-term advisory services where they are needed most in response to an unforeseen political transition.

For this five-year task order under the Analytical Services IV IDIQ, DevTech provides technical assistance primarily in three USAID regions (Africa, Asia, and Europe/Eurasia) leveraging the success and expertise of its consortium to rapidly and effectively deploy data gathering teams for both remote survey data collection and qualitative interviews in ongoing COVID-affected projects.