From July 12 to 15, USAID, in collaboration with the Chamber of Accounts of the Kyrgyz Republic, held trainings on the application of the updated Public Procurement Audit Manual for staff of the Chamber of Accounts. The trainings were led by the Fiscal Accountability and Sustainable Trade (FAST) project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by DevTech Systems Inc.

The purpose of the updated Public Procurement Audit Manual is to establish common rules and procedures for conducting public audits in the public procurement area in accordance with the newly adopted Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Public Procurement. Heads and representatives of the Central Office and territorial offices of the Chamber of Accounts of the Kyrgyz Republic participated in the event.

As part of the trainings, participants were introduced to the basic principles of the updated manual that covers assessments of public needs concerning budget costs, viability, and planning of procurements, as well as feasibility and effectiveness of conducting procurements.

The FAST project supports rapid, sustainable, and equitable economic growth in USAID-assisted countries by enabling USAID to bring a systems approach to addressing public financial management, trade capacity building, macroeconomic planning and policies, and other economic governance issues. In the Kyrgyz Republic, FAST has been supporting the Government to improve the efficiency and transparency of public procurement and enable civic engagement and oversight of the public procurement system.