about us

Our History

For 39 years, DevTech has been an innovative, solutions-oriented firm.

Founded in 1984 by Jorge Sanguinetty, Ph.D., DevTech has evolved from a Latin America and Caribbean consulting firm, to an agile and technically robust firm with deep experience in every region of the world.

DevTech’s technical capabilities complement its ability to operate and manage in a wide spectrum of cultural and political conditions from the highest levels of government to financial markets, to field operations in low-income countries. DevTech pairs its strong methodological capabilities in economics, data analytics, finance and social sciences with the most current technological solutions in developing and designing projects, implementing, and carrying out performance monitoring, and evaluation. This results in sustainable and lasting solutions to the policy challenges.

DevTech has implemented long- and short-term projects nearly 100 different countries for over two dozen government agencies, multilateral development institutions, subnational governments, and private sector entities.

DevTech’s headquarters is located in Rosslyn, VA, with offices in Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Morocco.

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