DevTech Wins USAID Data Services Follow-on Contract

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USAID’s Bureau for Management, Office of the Chief Information Officer has awarded DevTech the Analytics, Data Visualization, and Information Services (ADVISE) 2.0 contract to implement USAID Data Services. Under this contract, DevTech will be building on what it has accomplished during the 2017-2024 ADVISE contract.

The objective of this new contract is to improve the use of USAID data and information so that the Agency continues to ensure its development outcomes are supported and enhanced by evidence. Through USAID Data Services, the DevTech team is responsible for devising, implementing, and overseeing the strategies, processes, technologies, and services required for a data-driven culture to thrive at USAID. The team also provides on demand services to respond to USAID staff needs across all phases of the data lifecycle. This new phase of the ADVISE contract will include greater focus on the development of data science tools such as USAID’s Development Data Commons (DDC) and a greater incorporation of artificial intelligence in USAID’s data related processes.

Read the ADVISE Case Study to find out more.

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