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Request for Quotes: venue, meal, and accommodation services


The USAID/Latin American and The Caribbean (LAC) bureau is organizing a five-day workshop that will bring together the Education and Youth sector staff from around the continent. With the goal of fostering professional development, dialogue, relationship building and resource/evidence sharing.


Provide meeting venue, meal, and accommodation services for participants of the USAID LAC Regional Education Workshop that will be held in Washington, DC downtown area. First option date is from April 30 to May 5, 2023. Other close dates to this week may also be considered.

For more details about this request for quotes, please refer to the terms of reference.

Please share your quote in the excel template attached to this RFP (Annex A, purchase requisition) to no later than October 24, 2022.

Evaluation criteria:
· Cost
· Location
· Hotel accepts USG per diem rate
· Capacity and size including second room
· Food and Beverage minimums
Conference service manager available

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