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It was with the conviction that complex development challenges must be addressed through solutions that are innovative, practical, and data-driven that Jorge Sanguinetty founded DevTech 40 years ago. While data-driven solutions have underpinned DevTech’s work since the company’s founding in 1984, its competitive edge in all things data has resulted in Data Solutions becoming a DevTech practice area in its own right. From large-scale, multi-faceted projects that seek to integrate the entirety of an organization’s data products and services, such as DevTech’s project with USAID Data Services, to turnkey solutions that address an organization’s specific pain points, such as the Monitor-G M&E repository service developed for USAID Guatemala to facilitate reporting on program progress, DevTech has consistently supported partners in getting the most out of their data to achieve their strategic goals.

DevTech’s work under its Data Solutions practice area is guided by the principle that a holistic and comprehensive approach to data that targets every stage of the data lifecycle is central to supporting evidence-based decision-making and improving operational efficiency.

DevTech Data Lifecyle: 1. Plan; 2. Collect / Curate; 3. Integrate; 4. Analyze; 5. Visualize / Communicate; 6/ Publish / Promote
DevTech's areas of expertise under the Data Solutions practice area and the data lifecylce.

Relying on a team of experts with a wide range of specializations, including in Data Integration and Management; Data Curation and Repository Standards; Data Governance and Privacy; and Data Analysis Visualization and Reporting, DevTech is able to respond to the needs of organizations across all phases of the data lifecycle. DevTech’s team is also composed of staff skilled in the areas of Communications and Capacity Building to support organizations in building a data-driven culture facilitating lasting change that extends beyond the timeframe of DevTech’s contract.  

Find out more about our Data Solutions work by reading the case studies and Insights articles included below. Learn more about our current and past projects by exploring DevTech’s Projects Dashboard. Visit Aidscape to access USAID’s external data portals, overseen by DevTech’s USAID Data Services team.

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