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Public Financial Management and Fiscal Sustainability

DevTech helps governments, businesses, and citizens build open and sustainable economic systems that encourage growth and contribute to reduced poverty. We strengthen local and national governments’ capability to establish effective fiscal policies, implement sound budget practices, carry out tax and financial reforms, and improve accountability.  

From decentralizing fiscal systems to establishing budgeting practices, expenditure frameworks, and e-procurement systems, DevTech has facilitated the design and implementation of transparent and efficient financial and fiscal policies around the world.   

DevTech is also a thought leader in the field of Public Financial Management, regularly developing important research and analytic products, such as a debt transparency scorecard and country macroeconomic resilience model, that provide governments and donors insights and evidence to help prioritize focus areas and define programming.  

Find out more about our public financial management and fiscal sustainability work by reading the case studies and Insights articles included below. Learn more about our current and past projects by exploring DevTech’s Projects Dashboard.

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