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Jose Pineda, Ph. D

Director of Education, Gender, and Youth; Deputy Director of Public Financial Management

Dr. Jose Pineda is an economist bringing 24 years of experience in managing USG, UN, and other international development organization economic projects. He is the Director of Education, Gender, and Youth Practice at DevTech, and an expert in economics of education, macroeconomics, international economics analysis, and econometrics. Dr. Pineda’s technical experience is bolstered by his managerial experience. He has held multiple senior leadership roles on complex research initiatives and projects. Dr. Pineda led the technical work on the Venezuela’s Education Sector Diagnostic and the assessment of Trends on Education and the impact of COVID-19 in Latin America. In this role, he has done technical review of research and data collection plans, the design of survey instruments, follow up the implementation of data collection and provide technical analysis for interpretation of results and policy recommendations to the Venezuelan authorities. Currently for DevTech, he is the Deputy Director of the Public Financial Management Practice. He directs the Economic Growth Support Activity (EGSA) project and leads the technical work on the Debt Sustainability Risk analysis in Indonesia. He also directs the Indo-Pacific Opportunity Project (IPOP), leading DevTech’s technical work on Debt sustainability on Kyrgyzstan. He is part of the technical team for the debt restructuring and technical assistance contract for the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as the team working on the macroeconomic framework for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Fiscal Rule. Before his position at DevTech, Dr. Pineda was Deputy Director of Research at the Office of Public Policies and Competitiveness at CAF Development Bank of Latin America, and held other senior leadership positions at UNDP, and UNEP in technical areas including education, gender, economic growth, evaluating impact of drivers of economic development, and development of green economy models and indicators. He also brings experience working with high level officials at the aforementioned organizations, liaising with them to ensure their research requests are fully being addressed. Dr. Pineda’s management experience is evident through his role for the CAF in Venezuela, as Deputy Director of Research, where he was responsible for developing the research agenda and supervised all research conducted by consultants in development, economic integration, education, and macroeconomics. As a Senior Researcher for the UNDP, Dr. Pineda held a supervisory position for six years overseeing the work of junior researchers and consultants. He developed the Human Development Office’s research agenda and conducted extensive studies on macroeconomic policies, education policies and demographic dynamics, implications of environmental challenges, and presented the results to policy makers. Dr. Pineda served as a Senior Consultant for UNEP in the Economic Division, where he led the work on economic modelling for Green Economy Policy Assessment (assessing the role of green investments and green fiscal policy) and has created a set of indicators for measuring and evaluating progress. He has provided technical assistance and advisory services to governments in their implementation of public policies including training events and stakeholder mobilization workshops. He also provides technical assistance and advisory services to governments in their implementation of green economy strategies including training events and stakeholder mobilization workshops. Dr. Pineda has over 20 publications in economics and international development, and over 10 years of teaching experience, teaching graduate courses in economics at the Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, BC Canada, the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán in Argentina. Universidad del CEMA, Córdoba, Argentina. Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, and the University of Maryland.

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