Black and white portrait of a woman

Jennifer Torres

Deputy Director of Data Solutions

Ms. Jennifer Torres is the U.S. Government’s (USG) foremost expert on U.S. foreign assistance data. She is the Deputy Program Manager of the ADVISE contract and the Manager of the Reporting, Analysis, and Visualization Unit for USAID’s Data Services project. For 20 years, Torres has supported the evolution of the USAID Data Services team, developing a mastery of the foreign assistance reporting process. Her two decades of experience have shaped her deep understanding of the methodology, standards, and regulations for both U.S. and international reporting of assistance flows. Today she manages a large team of economic analysts, data analysts, data scientists, Tableau developers, and software engineers. Her team manages a broad portfolio of data services across the data life cycle, from managing core deliverables and products, to responding to ad-hoc requests and buy-ins for analytical or data support, to designing and developing websites. Additionally, they oversee data repositories, data governance and standards like the IATI, data reporting and publishing like the Congressional Reporting (Greenbook), and websites like, the USAID Enterprise Reporting Portal, and Ms. Torres holds a Master of Science in Applied Economics from Marquette University.

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