DevTech Systems is pleased to announce it has won the USAID Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Education Support contract. The five-year project supports the Office of Regional Sustainable Development (LAC/RSD).

DevTech is tasked with providing rapid access to expert technical assistance and logistical services to strengthen the design, management, monitoring, and evaluation of regional and bilateral education programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The three primary areas of consulting work to be provided under the contract are project design and implementation support, monitoring and evaluation of education programs, and preparation for skills-building workshops.

DevTech’s demonstrated expertise in the service areas of monitoring and evaluation and education, gender, and youth made it the ideal candidate for consideration.

“We are excited to once again partner with USAID and its Office of Regional Sustainable Development,” commented Rafael Romeu, President and CEO of DevTech. “Our rich history in monitoring and evaluation, as well as our extensive experience with education, gender and youth practice, will play key roles in the success of this project.”