DevTech Wins U.S. Department of Labor’s Together Against Child Labor in Tunisia Evaluation Contract

Tunisian children playing soccer in the town square

DevTech is proud to be a trusted partner of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking, which has awarded us a contract to evaluate the “Together Against Child Labor in Tunisia” (PROTECTE) project. This award is the third that DevTech will be working on this year for the Department of Labor.

A considerable number of children in Tunisia are vulnerable to exploitative child labor, with a significant proportion of them being part of the approximately 100,000 children who abandon school annually. The PROTECTE initiative aims to enhance Tunisia’s capacity to carry out its Child Labor National Action Plan, which involves collaboration among the government, businesses, and civil society. By promoting a comprehensive strategy, the project seeks to translate policies and commitments into tangible actions that protect every child’s right to education and prevent them from being involved in exploitative labor.

DevTech is tasked with conducting a final evaluation of PROTECTE, assessing the extent to which the project is achieving stated goals and objectives.

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