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Nigeria Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Activity

Africa USAID 2016 2020

The activity goal is to transform USAID/Nigeria into a premier practitioner of program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) rooted in a learning and adaptive culture. Through the Learning Program (TLP) DevTech provides continuous, on-the-ground, on-demand and systematic support to all USAID/Nigeria teams, sectors, and implementing partners (IPs) on performance monitoring, data verification, impact and performance evaluations, project and activity level monitoring, evaluation and learning plans, organizational learning, capacity building and knowledge management. These contract services are further supported by the performance management roles played by Mission management, our technical offices, IPs, and the M&E points of contact. The two components that support this activity are:• Component 1. Strengthening Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Function, and • Component 2. Build a Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Institutional Practice. TLP is also designed to support enhanced accountability and engagement with non-USAID stakeholders so that USAID can benefit from their perspectives through shared learning and problem solving that improves Mission results and achievement.