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The Actual Cuban Exchange Rate Dashboard

This dashboard tracks how much the Cuban Peso is trading for against the Euro and Dollar on the informal market. The Cuban Peso is fixed by the government to the U.S. dollar. However, it is widely known that the official rate is vastly different than what is found on the informal market, where the peso generally trades at a significantly higher or lower rate. DevTech has built a powerful program that scans thousands of public posts on social media and extracts data on the buying and selling of Cuban Pesos in exchange for dollars and euros. This dashboard visualizes this data using several daily time series graphs that provide insight into the actual dynamics of the Cuban Peso exchange rate. Data is updated on a weekly basis.

The data shown on this dashboard complements data made available on https://eltoque.com/. DevTech and elTOQUE’s analysts work independently and using different data collection methodologies to track the Cuban Peso exchange rate on the informal market. Given the lack of transparency in this market, comparing both sets of data is a helpful way to determine the extent to which confidence should be given to the data presented.

Cuban Peso
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