Did You Know? Vietnam


Did you know that the US Department of Health and Human Services is an important contributor to Vietnam in the health sector? In FY16, HHS gave $31.466,818, which represents approximately 20% of the total US agency foreign aid to the country. $15 million of that funding was for HIV/AIDS programs. Source: https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/VNM

When organizations approach monitoring and evaluation (M&E), it is often from the standpoint of compliance: Certain regulations require performance assessments for development projects, which require collecting and evaluating multiple kinds of data and information. Dr. Reuben Hermoso, DevTech’s director of M&E believes this is not, however, the most important driver of the value of M&E. Rather, it is the picture of accomplishment that M&E practices deliver.

DevTech was founded on the premise that quality research can impact social change and lead to more effective policy interventions. The firm has 34 years of experience monitoring performance and evaluating impact of public policy interventions and development assistance projects worldwide. Learn more about our M&E practice here.

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