Did You Know: Kenya & Tanzania


Did you know that the US Department of Defense (DoD) gave more than $45 million in aid to Kenya and $50 million to Tanzania in 2017? This represents 4% of all US agency aid to Kenya and 8% of aid to Tanzania. In Kenya, most of this funding is used for training and equipment, while in Tanzania it is used for HIV/AIDS. Sources: https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/KENhttps://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/TZA

The FY17 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) required that all significant security cooperation programs and activities contain a program of assessment, monitoring, and evaluation. While not available today for the DoD, here is an example pulled from DevTech’s work with the US Department of State’s Bureau of Conflict Stabilization Operations.

We are conducting a mixed-methods, quasi-experimental impact evaluation of the FY15 Counterterrorism Partnership Fund (CTPF) Countering Violent Extremism programming in select counties in Kenya and Tanzania. This evaluation will measure the collective effect of CTPF programming on reducing violent extremist (VE) recruitment and activity in targeted communities across the region. DevTech completed the baseline evaluation in December of 2017 and the midline qualitative evaluation in October of 2018, after conducting qualitative data collection across the eight relevant counties in Kenya and Tanzania. The endline evaluation is scheduled to be conducted at the end of 2019. To learn more, visit the project page here: https://devtechsys.com/projects/Measuring-Overall-Impact-of-Ea/

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