Launch of USAID Nigeria Monitor

Monitor 3

DevTech is pleased to announce the launch of USAID Nigeria’s performance reporting system, Monitor®. DevTech, under the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Activity, developed and launched a significantly upgraded reporting system for implementing partners (IPs) and USAID Mission staff on July 1, 2019. The prior reporting system, PRS, will be disabled so that IPs and Mission staff can enter data into the new system. USAID will host a launch event on July 17th and July 19th to celebrate Monitor’s launch.

Figure 1 USAID Nigeria Monitor Home Page

New features and enhancements from this system include, new ArcGIS maps where one can locate project and activities on an interactive map of Nigeria, a new dashboard to view activity performance, enhanced indicator comparison by activity tables, an enhanced way to view Performance Plan and Report (PPR) indicators and review documents in the Monitor library. For example, Figure 2 below shows the Maps Module in Monitor that lets you select different base layers to display such as streets, topographic, terrain, etc. Eventually we will be able to display Activity level data along with the base layers. The new system is sleek and designed to be user friendly, however if there are questions or requests, the site has a downloadable user manual as well as the ability to contact the help desk to assist USAID and IP staff with questions.

Figure 2 Map Module in Monitor

The MEL Activity has been developing the platform since the start of the contract in 2016, with impressive strides made in the last year. This is the second performance reporting system DevTech has developed for a USAID Mission. DevTech developed a similar system for USAID Guatemala in 2017. DevTech seeks to reproduce similar Monitor products for future USAID contracts.

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