Nigeria S4SIPMS Holds Quarterly IP Learning Meeting


Since 2016, DevTech’s S4SIPMS project has supported PEPFAR’s commitment to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by implementing hundreds of Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) site assessments across Nigeria. On Wednesday July 31st 2019 DevTech conducted the quarterly meeting with all USAID implementing partners that receive PEPFAR funds to discuss their performance for quarters 2 and 3. In alignment with DevTech’s culture of collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA) we used to this opportunity to not only highlight areas where IP’s are excelling or in need of remediation, but to foster conversation with and among the IPs to discuss the challenges they are facing and how they are overcoming them. In our analysis of the data, we found that the reoccurring issue most IPs faced were poor waste management, stockouts primarily of HIV test kits, and some sites are not complying with the national HIV testing algorithm. By virtue of working in the same geographic regions, many of the IPs patients are from the same demographic and therefore share many of the same challenges. To take advantage of the overlapping experiences and knowledge in the room, we had two IPs collaborate and draft a remediation plan for how they would improve their scores the following quarter. Each plan went into detail describing their barriers and the internal procedures in place to ensure common practices such as following the testing and waste management protocols were being adhered to. It was apparent by the tone of the dialog that all the IPs are serious about improving the quality of the HIV / AIDS services and more importantly are working hard to see Nigeria reach epidemic control by 2030, on target with the UNAIDS goal.

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