Education, Gender and Youth

DevTech promotes safe, inclusive, and effective learning environments by working with government leaders and international partners to broaden education and training opportunities for children, at-risk youth, and adults. Our practice also focuses on ensuring gender equality for girls and boys in all education and training opportunities. We have designed, supported, and evaluated major education, gender, and youth projects around the world, most notably in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

We have experience implementing projects that improve job outcomes for youth, expand access to quality education for elementary and secondary school students, contribute to early childhood development and learning, build the capacity of individuals, organizations, and systems, and combat gender-based violence to ensure that all students feel safe. From the implementation of the Safe Schools Program that promotes gender-safe environments for all girls and boys in schools, to our efforts to improve early grade reading outcomes and conducting Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRAs) in Nicaragua, DevTech has varied expertise in providing educational services to children and youth. DevTech is also a leader in conducting gender analyses, integrating gender in virtually all sorts of development projects, and delivering short-term technical assistance and training on gender.

DevTech’s rich history in monitoring and evaluation intersects with our education, gender, and youth practice through our skilled technical evaluations. In addition to evaluating projects sponsored by USAID, the U.S. Department of Labor, and other development agencies, DevTech assists national governments in reviewing school curricula and reaching goals in areas such as gender equity and educational achievement.

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