Did You Know? Costa Rica


Did you know that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave $4.696 million of foreign aid to Costa Rica in 2017 (2018 is not yet fully reported)? This represents 26% of the total $18 million donated by all US agencies combined, $ 1.3 million of USAID’s funding went to the education sector. Source: https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/CRI.

DevTech promotes safe, inclusive, and effective learning environments by working with government leaders and international partners to broaden education and training opportunities for children, at-risk youth, and adults. Our practice also focuses on ensuring gender equality for girls and boys in all education and training opportunities. The products and services we offer include:

  • Early Grade reading
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Security in Education
  • Education Technology and Data Projects
  • Gender Trainings and Assessments

We have worked on many education-related projects in Costa Rica and other countries in Central America. Today, we are supporting the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Education Support Contract for USAID. Learn more about our Education and Gender practice area and the work we are doing on the LAC project here.

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